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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Leadership

Royce Ann Collins, Chair

363 Bluemont Hall
Fax: 532-7304


For admission requirements, please see the Education catalog page.

Program description

The Department of Educational Leadership offers several degrees within two programs: educational leadership, and adult learning and leadership. Courses leading to the Master’s degree and Ed.D. degree in Educational Leadership may also lead to licensure as a building administrator (principal) or a district administrator (superintendent). Other leadership positions in educational organizations are also enhanced by masters and/or doctoral degrees in educational leadership.

Three degrees are offered within the adult learning and leadership program, including: (1) the Master of Science in Adult Learning and Leadership, designed to prepare practitioners for careers in a variety of adult education and leadership settings; (2) the Ph.D. in Adult Learning and Leadership, designed to prepare scholars for careers in college and university settings; and (3) the Ed.D. in Adult Learning and Leadership, designed to provide advanced education and experience by preparing people for work in business, industry, training, government, health services, community agencies, and careers in two- and four-year colleges and universities. Courses focus on issues related to planning, developing, delivering, or facilitating instruction for adult learners. Courses in the adult learning and leadership education program also support the master’s degree, Ph.D. and Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. The graduate programs are compatible with a variety of delivery settings where the following specializations and support areas are required or desired: adult and continuing education, extension education, administration and leadership of programs, human resource development, training, community education and development, and institutions, agencies, and organizations that deal primarily with adult needs and education.


Doctor of Education

Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Science

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Educational Leadership

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