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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Socially Responsible Information Science: Ethics in Data Sciences (Graduate Certificate)

Advances in information, computer and data sciences have the capacity to fundamentally change patterns of human interaction, and as such raise especially pressing and novel ethical concerns. This certificate offers students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose potential ethical problems, and to responsibly avoid or ameliorate the impact of ethically problematic advances.


  • Moral Theory (3 credit hours)

PHILO 585 - Ethics  Credits: 3, or
PHILO 660 - Advanced Ethics  Credits: 3

  • Theory of Justice (3 credit hours)

PHILO 525 - Social-Political Philosophy  Credits: 3, or
PHILO 660 - Advanced Ethics  Credits: 3

  • Social Science of Structural Inequality (3 credit hours)

AMETH 660 - Independent Reading and Research in American Ethnic Studies  Credits: 1-3,
POLSC 606 - Gender and Politics  Credits: 3,
POLSC 643 - Global Human Rights  Credits: 3,
POLSC 711 - Administrative Ethics  Credits: 3, or
SOCIO 841 - Social Stratification  Credits: 3

  • Technology and Society (3 credit hours)

Any one of:
ENGL 705 - Theories of Cultural Studies  Credits: 3, or

With prior approval:
HIST 982 - Topics in the History of Science  Credits: 1-3, or
SOCIO 842 - Technology and Society  Credits: 3

  • Directed Study (3 credit hours)*

PHILO 680 - Independent Study in Philosophy  Credits: 1-18, or
SOCIO 599 - Senior Thesis in Sociology  Credits: 3-6


* Directed studies should be directed by at least one faculty member with a research focus in ethics, in collaboration with at least one faculty member in the social sciences and some member of the student’s home department. Prior approval from either Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work or Philosophy is required. 

† At least 12 hours of the required courses must be taken at the 600-level or above.