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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Civil Engineering

Christopher A. Jones, Interim Head
Prathap Parameswaran, Director of graduate studies

2118 Fiedler Hall
Fax: 785-532-7717

Program description

The Department of Civil Engineering at Kansas State University offers comprehensive programs leading to the degrees of master of science and doctor of philosophy in civil engineering. Specializations include environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and water resources engineering. An active research program is conducted in each of these areas, and it is the goal of the department to maintain a close association between graduate study, research, teaching, and engineering practice.

Research facilities

The Department of Civil Engineering has several laboratories which can be used to perform a wide variety of graduate research projects. These include laboratories in the areas of environmental engineering, hydraulic engineering, materials testing, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and water resources engineering.

The department also has the Civil Infrastructure Systems Laboratory (CISL) which includes a full-scale Accelerated Pavement Testing facility.

In addition, the department has modern computing facilities including a number of personal computers and workstations.

Financial support

The department offers several graduate research, teaching, and graduate assistantships. These positions are generally 0.5 time appointments and the stipends vary accordingly. In addition, a number of graduate research assistantships are supported through externally funded research projects obtained by individual faculty members. Student fees are assessed at the in-state level for graduate students who receive research, teaching, and graduate assistantships.

“Students holding GTA, GRA, or GA appointments from September 1 through November 17 receive tuition benefits for the fall term, and students holding GTA, GRA, or GA appointments from February 1 through April 17 receive tuition benefits for the spring term.  If a graduate appointment does not begin by these dates or terminates before these ending dates, all tuition benefits will be lost.  The student then is responsible for the total tuition payment.”  Graduate Handbook, The Graduate School

Career opportunities

Graduate study in civil engineering will provide students with training for a wide variety of academic, technological, and public service careers. Students completing the master of science degree program typically find employment related to their chosen discipline in either private consulting firms or governmental agencies. Students completing the doctor of philosophy degree program can also expect to find employment in academic positions, or in government and private research laboratories.

Areas of emphasis

Environmental and water resources engineering: Im, Koehn, Parameswaran
Structural analysis and design: Ghimire, Melhem, Peterman, Rasheed, Schiff
Geotechnical engineering: Peric, Hossain
Transportation and materials engineering: Aziz, Fitzsimmons, Hossain, Jones



Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Science

Graduate Certificate


Civil Engineering