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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Education

6 Bluemont Hall
Fax: 785-532-7304

Debbie K. Mercer, Dean
Linda P. Thurston, Associate Dean
Paul R. Burden, Assistant Dean
David Griffin, Assistant Dean

Degree programs

Graduate programs in the College of Education are designed for students who require advanced levels of education and advanced degrees for their desired roles in the field of education. Graduate programs are offered through the various departments in the College of Education. All students in these programs must be admitted to the Graduate School of Kansas State University.

Graduate programs are offered in the following departments: curriculum and instruction educational leadership ; and special education, counseling and student affairs . Programs leading to the master of science (M.S.), doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.), and doctor of education (Ed.D.) are available. These programs prepare individuals for the broad spectrum of educational positions. Primary consideration is given to preparing education students for the various positions in elementary, secondary, post-secondary, occupational, and vocational programs.

Assistantships and financial aid

Graduate assistantships, with nine-month stipends that are similar to those of other Midwest universities, may be available on a competitive basis to candidates who are admitted to one of the graduate programs in the College of Education. The graduate student holding an assistantship will be expected to assist with assignments 16-20 hours per week. Students with assistantships are expected to be full-time students. Students may apply for assistantships in the department in which they are seeking their degree or the graduate studies office. Students also may apply for an assistantship in other departments for which they have the necessary knowledge and skills. Many departments in the college have graduate assistantships, and some have several openings each year. Primary consideration is given to those pursuing a doctoral degree.

Go to the education assistantship website for application directions. The deadline for applying for an assistantship is usually April 1 with notification to the student by May 1. Applications will continue to be received until all graduate assistantship positions are filled. Faculty with external funding may have assistantships for grant work at any time during the year. It is helpful to talk with the appropriate department chair as early as possible to learn of assistantships available in the department. For more information about assistantships, contact the Office of Graduate Studies in 18 Bluemont Hall at 785-532-5595.

Information about scholarships, loans, grants, and employment can be obtained in the Office of Student Financial Assistance, 104 Fairchild Hall, 785-532-6420, e-mail: ksufa@ksu.edu.

Admission to graduate programs in education

Information about application procedures, general admission requirements, and specific admission requirements for the master’s and doctoral degrees is provided here. Information about graduate programs in education can be obtained from the College of Education Office of Graduate Studies, 18 Bluemont Hall, (785)532-5595, coegrads@ksu.edu.

General admission requirements

Candidates for graduate work shall meet the following admission requirements:

  • Graduation from an accredited institution whose requirements for the bachelor’s degree are substantially equivalent to those of Kansas State University.

  • Undergraduate grade average of 3.0 or better in the junior and senior years. Undergraduate preparation substantially equivalent to that given by K-State in the specific field in which the applicant expects to do graduate work.

  • Undergraduate preparation in closely related or supporting subjects adequate to support advanced work in the field of the applicant’s choice.

Students lacking preparation in certain areas may be required to do additional work. International students whose native language is not English must make available the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Minimum scores are set by the Graduate School and that information is at the Graduate School Website.

Master’s degree admission requirements

All students expecting to work for master’s degrees shall make available to the Office of Graduate Studies, College of Education, an online copy of the graduate school application, two official transcripts from each institution attended, and a statement of academic objectives for graduate study. International students must make available three letters of recommendation. Advisors and/or departments may require additional information. Some departments may require an official record of the test scores on the Miller Analogies Test or the verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing sections of the Graduate Record Examination. Go to Graduate Degree Programs in the College of Education to see the unique application requirements for each degree program.

Ph.D. and Ed.D. Admission requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements, applicants to the Ph.D. or the Ed.D. program in education shall provide to the Office of Graduate Studies, College of Education, an online copy of the graduate school application, two official transcripts for undergraduate and graduate courses, and a statement of objectives indicating educational experience and professional goals. Each doctoral degree program has additional application requirements.


Non Degree