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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Feed Science and Management (B.S.)-Feed Production Option

Three options are offered in the Feed Science and Management degree program: Feed Production, Pet Food Production and Biofuels Production.

The Feed Production option is intended for those wishing to follow the conventional feed science program to prepare for careers in the feed manufacturing and animal nutrition fields including pet food manufacturing and other allied industries.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

General Requirements:

Feed Production Option Required Courses (19 credit hours):

Total credit hours required for graduation: (127)


Six of the hours must be from classes at the 300 level or above. Requirements for transfer students vary depending on transfer hours accepted by K-State.

Must satisfy K-State 8 general education requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Students who first enroll in Summer 2011 or later must meet the requirements of the K-State 8 General Education Program.

Students who began their programs of study in earlier terms under the University General Education (UGE) program may complete their degrees with UGE requirements or may choose to move to the K-State 8. Students should check with their academic advisors to determine which choice would be better. To switch, students must consult with their academic advisors.

Students who are readmitted in Summer 2011 and later will be designated as meeting the K-State 8 by the Office of Admissions. Deans’ offices can make an exception for the readmitted student who has completed UGE or who would prefer to complete UGE requirements.

For additional information about the University General Education program, check the requirements specified by the College of Agriculture.