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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Architectural Engineering (ARE) (B.S.)

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The Architectural Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

The architectural engineering program is planned for students who are particularly interested in the engineering aspects of building design. The educational objective of the five-year architectural engineering program is to prepare the student with fundamental engineering competence in the analysis and design of building and their systems.  Specifically, the student must be able to understand and apply engineering fundamentals and design principles for engineering the infrastructure of architecture–that infrastructure being structural, mechanical, and electrical building systems and all the subdisciplines related to these primary designations.

As important members of building design teams, they must be able to create designs that will fulfill the economic, safety, and aesthetic requirements of a project.

Included in the academic program are exercises in many of the courses beginning in the freshman year and continuing through the fifth year to develop skills in the engineering design process.  The last course in this sequence is Senior Project, a culmination of all the previous design experiences from the first four and one-half years of the curriculum.  Architectural engineers must have a working ability with total building and system design concepts.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Pre-professional program (PARE)

Freshman year

Sophomore year

Professional program (ARE)

Junior year

Senior year

Fifth year

Ninth semester (15 credit hours)

  • *Complementary Elective Credits: (3)
  • *Complementary Elective Credits: (3)
  • Free Elective Credits: (3)

Tenth semester (15 credit hours)

  • *Complementary elective Credits: (3)
  • *Complementary elective Credits: (3)
  • *Humanities or Social Science Elective Credits: (3)


For additional information about the University General Education program, check the requirements specified by the College of Engineering.

*Humanities and Social Science Electives are to be selected from the official College of Engineering Humanities and Social Science Elective Course List.

*Complementary Electives are to be selected from the approved departmental list.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Students who first enroll in Summer 2011 or later must meet the requirements of the K-State 8 General Education Program.

Students who began their programs of study in earlier terms under the University General Education (UGE) program may complete their degrees with UGE requirements or may choose to move to the K-State 8. Students should check with their academic advisors to determine which choice would be better. To switch, students must consult with their academic advisors.

Students who are readmitted in Summer 2011 and later will be designated as meeting the K-State 8 by the Office of Admissions. Deans’ offices can make an exception for the readmitted student who has completed UGE or who would prefer to complete UGE requirements.

Total credit hours required for graduation (158)

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