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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Finance (B.S.)

The finance curriculum allows the student to specialize in financial management, financial controllership, or financial services.

The financial management option provides the student with the analytical skills for the analysis, evaluation, and reporting of financial information. These activities are ultimately used in managerial decision making by businesses and regulatory agencies. This option is designed for graduates who wish to pursue a career as a financial manager or analyst.

The financial controllership option supplements the analytical focus of the financial management track with additional accounting skills. This option is designed for those who intend to pursue careers related to the controllership function of a firm.

The financial services option provides a broad knowledge of financial markets, institutions, and services and prepares the student for providing financial products and services to the consumer. Graduates in this option typically seek careers in banking, consumer lending, brokerage services, financial planning, portfolio management, and real estate.

Finance majors are expected to develop a broad understanding of business management, accounting, economic theory, management information systems, and quantitative techniques. In addition, effective written and oral communication skills and the ability to work in groups are essential for a successful career in finance. The curriculum of the Department of Finance is designed to help the student develop these necessary skills through active learning methods.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Business Administration Pre-Professions Program (54 credit hours)

BAPP Requirements 

Business Core (30 credit hours)

Business Core Requirements 

Economics Electives (6 credit hours)

  • Economics electives must be selected from economics course offerings numbered 500 or above (excluding ECON 505) in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.
  • Economics electives may not overlap with economics courses used to complete a requirement within the finance major.
  • Economics elective Credits: (3)

Unrestricted electives (9 credit hours)

Any course numbered 100-level or above offered for credit by a university department. Students are strongly encouraged to use their unrestricted electives to complete for-credit experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, community service/engagement, and study abroad.

Financial Controllership (FC) Option (9 credit hours)

Financial Management (FM) Option (9 credit hours)

Choose one from the following:

Financial Services (FS) Option (9 credit hours)


Students considering majoring in both options of Financial Management (FM) and Financial Services (FS) should consult with their academic advisor and take the following courses:

  • Accounting elective: ACCTG 433- Financial Reporting
  • Finance elective: FINAN 653-Security & Portfolio Analysis

Total credit hours required for graduation: (126)