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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management Information Systems (B.S.)

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Business Administration Pre-Professions Program (54 credit hours)

BAPP Requirements 

Business Core (30 credit hours)

Business Core Requirements 

Major field requirement (24 credit hours)

  • Admission into the Management Information Systems (MIS) major requires a successful completion of MANGT 367 with a grade of C or better.
  • Students will be allowed to enroll in upper-level MIS courses (MANGT 570, MANGT 576, MANGT 666, and MANGT 686) only if they have earned a grade of C or better for each prerequisite to those courses.

Economics Elective (3 credit hours)

  • Note: The MIS major only requires one economics elective.

Unrestricted electives (15 credit hours)

An unrestricted elective may be any course numbered 100 or above offered for credit by a university department. Students are strongly encouraged to use their unrestricted electives to complete for-credit experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, community service/engagement, and study abroad.

  • MIS majors are encouraged to take as unrestricted electives:

Total credit hours required for graduation: (126)