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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agricultural Education (B.S.)

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Bachelor of science in agriculture

Agricultural education involves the broad study of agriculture including a core of course work in agricultural economics, agronomy, animal science, agricultural technology management, and horticulture.

Agricultural education is designed for students who wish to meet requirements to teach agriculture in a public school setting or work in other areas where education and teaching are integral (i.e. extension, agribusiness, etc.). Graduates in this option meet Kansas State Board of Education licensure requirements.

Sixteen weeks during the second semester of the senior year are devoted to full-time student teaching.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Communications (8 credit hours)

*Humanities (6 credit hours)

*Social sciences (6 credit hours)


*Specific courses are required to fulfill these categories. Check with your advisor before enrolling.

Quantitative sciences (6 credit hours)

Natural sciences (8 credit hours)

Agricultural mechanics (7 credit hours)

Additional Required Agricultural Electives (12 credit hours)

Complete 12 hours of College of Agriculture courses approved by your advisor. Of these, at least one 3 hour course must be completed from 3 of the following departments: AGEC, AGRON, ASI, AGCOM, ENTOM, FDSCI, GRSC, FOR, HORT, PLPTH.

Free Electives (3 credit hours)

Hours may be taken from any department in the University.

Professional education

Total hours required for graduation: (130)


*Specific courses are required to fulfill these categories. Check with your advisor before enrolling.

** May be taken any time after admission to the teacher education program but must be completed before Block III.

*** Admission to teacher education program required.

*Specific Guidelines for Humanities and Social Sciences Restricted Electives

Humanities (6 credit hours)

  • Any Department of English Literature course (except ENGL 355) or Department of Modern Languages literature course (3 credit hours)
  • Any nonperformance appreciation class in the Departments of Art, Music, Communication Studies (theatre or dance courses), or UGE approved courses from the College of Architecture (3 credit hours)

Social Sciences (6 credit hours)

Choose one from each Social Science category:

  • Elective from Dept. of AMETH, ANTH, ECON, GEOG, HIST, POLSC, PSYCH, SOCIO, WOMST Credits: (3)
  • Global Issues and Perspective course (K-State 8 requirement) Credits: (3)

**General Education Requirements

The College of Agriculture General Education Program assures that all undergraduate programs provide breadth through the completion of at least 18 semester credit hours of approved general education courses/experiences of which one-third of those credits will be at the 300 level or higher. Consult with your advisor for specific requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Students who first enroll in Summer 2011 or later must meet the requirements of the K-State 8 General Education Program.

Students who began their programs of study in earlier terms under the University General Education (UGE) program may complete their degrees with UGE requirements or may choose to move to the K-State 8. Students should check with their academic advisors to determine which choice would be better. To switch, students must consult with their academic advisors.

Students who are readmitted in Summer 2011 and later will be designated as meeting the K-State 8 by the Office of Admissions. Deans’ offices can make an exception for the readmitted student who has completed UGE or who would prefer to complete UGE requirements.

For additional information about the University General Education program, check the requirements specified by the College of Agriculture.

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