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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technology Management (TCMG) (B.S.)

Technology Management students take courses in the diverse areas of management, accounting, and marketing; as well as in other essential business areas. The technology concentration courses can be done in any of a number of technical disciplines. Technology management graduates are prepared for supervisory and management positions in a variety of technical areas, ranging from aviation and manufacturing to sales and product development.

Bachelor’s degree requirements (124 credit hours)

Area of technology concentration (39-43 credit hours)

The block of technology courses must demonstrate a breadth and depth of course work in one area of concentration. Courses accepted for transfer to K-State are college-level and academic in nature. Courses not accepted for transfer in the technology concentration include remedial courses, continuing education units, business courses, and personal-interest courses.

Arts and sciences (54–58 credit hours)

Communications (14–15 credit hours)

Quantitative (15–16 credit hours)

  • Computer elective Credits: (3)

Natural sciences electives (7 credit hours)

One lab course required. Choose two natural science elective courses (including one lab) from the following list:

  • BIOCH - All courses
  • BIOL - All courses
  • CHM - All courses
  • GEOL - All courses
  • PHYS - All courses

Social sciences and humanities (12 credit hours)

  • Social sciences electives Credits: (6)
  • Humanities electives Credits: (6)

Restricted electives (optional) (4 credit hours)

  • Students may take additional hours from any of the above fields to meet the 124 hour requirement of the degree.