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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Leadership

363 Bluemont Hall
Fax: 532-7304

Department Chair:

Jerry D. Johnson

Directors of Graduate Studies:

Royce Ann Collins (Adult Learning and Leadership, MS/Ph.D./EdD)
Jerry D. Johnson (Educational Leadership, MS & EdD)

Graduate Faculty:

*Donna Augustine-Shaw, Ed.D., Wichita State University
*Elisabeth Barnett, Ph.D., University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Paul Berg, Ph.D., Kansas State University
*Kakali Bhattacharya, Ph.D., University of Georgia
*George Boggs, Ph.D., University of Texas 
*Royce Ann Collins, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Mary Devin, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Richard Doll, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Martha Ellis, Ph.D., University of North Texas
Judith Favor, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Larry Galizio, Ph.D., Portland State University School of Urban and Public Affairs
Linda Garcia, Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin
Steven Gonzales, Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin
*Trisha Gott, Ed.D., Kansas State University
*Sarah Jane Fishback, Ph.D., Kansas State University
*Robert Hachiya, Ed.D., University of Kansas
Hobart Harmon, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
*Jerry D. Johnson, Ed.D., Ohio University
Robert Johnstone, Ph.D., University of Oregon
*Haijun Kang, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
*Brandon Kliewer, Ph.D., University of Georgia
*Jia Liang, Ph.D., University of Georgia
*Margaretta Mathis, Ph.D., University of Texas
Christine McPhail, Ed.D., University of Southern California
Irving McPhail, Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania 
Cynthia Miles, Ph.D., University of Texas
*Kerry Priest, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute
*Sean Alexander “Alex” Red Corn, Ed.D., Kansas State University
*John E. Roueche, Ed.D., Lenoir-Ryne University
Gerardo de los Santos, Ph.D University of Texas - Austin
Cynthia Shuman, Ph.D., Kansas State University
*David C. Thompson, Ed.D., Oklahoma State University
*Mary Tolar, Ed.D., Kansas State University
*Leonard Valverde, Ph.D., Claremont University
Richard Voorhees, Ph.D., Arizona State University
Evelyn Waiwaiole, Ed.D., University of Texas
*Andrew J. Wefald, Ph.D., Kansas State Unversity
*Susan Yelich-Biniecki, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
*Jeffrey T. Zacharakis, Ed.D., Northern Illinois University

*Denotes graduate faculty who are certified to serve as the major professor for doctoral students.

Graduate Faculty Associates:

Kellen Adams, Ed.D., Kansas State University
Katie Allen, Ed.D., Kansas State University
Nozella Brown, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Michael Burke, Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin
Terry Calaway, Ed.D., University of Texas - Austin
Donald Cameron, Ed.D., Nova South Eastern University
David Culkin, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Harvey Dorrah, Ph.D., Bowling Green University
Allen Goben, Ed.D., University of Texas - Austin
Debra Gustafson, Ed.D., Kansas State University
Robert Exley, Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin
Ben Ferrell, Ph.D. University of Texas - Austin
Donna Jovanovich-Monse, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
Cathy Kemper-Pelle, Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin
Jason Kovac, Ph.D., University of Texas
William Lasher, Ph.D., University of Michigan
William Law, Ph.D., Florida State University
Bruce Leslie, Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin
Terri Long, Ed.D., University of Southern California
JaNice Marshall, Ed.D., University of Texas - Austin
Keondria McClish, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Bill McCollum, Ed.D., University of Sarasota
Jacque Messinger, Ed.D., National American University
Miles Nevin, Ed.D., California State University - Long Beach
Martha Parham, Ed.D., California State University - Long Beach
Greg Peterson, Ed.D., University of Texas - Austin
Cassandra Rincones, Ph. D., Texas A&M Univesity
Sandra Robinson, Ph.D., Kent State University
Kathie Sigler, Ed.D. Nova University, Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Jennifer Spielvogel, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Cynthia Tanner, Ed.D., National American University
Jacqueline Vietti, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Evelyn Waiwaiole, Ph.D., University of Texas

Adjunct Graduate Faculty:

Carolyn Carlson, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Cari D. Lott, Ed.D., Kansas State University
Michael Rettig, Ph.D., University of Kansas

Emeritus Graduate Faculty:

Gerald Bailey
David Byrne
Robert Meisner
Teresa Miller
Charles Oaklief
Cheryl J. Polson
Charles Rankin
Tweed Ross
Trudy Salsberry
Robert Shoop
W. Franklin Spikes
G. Kent Stewart
Alfred Wilson


For admission requirements, please see the Education catalog page.

Program description

The Department of Educational Leadership offers several degrees within two programs: educational leadership, and adult learning and leadership. Courses leading to the Master’s degree and Ed.D. degree in Educational Leadership may also lead to licensure as a building administrator (principal) or a district administrator (superintendent). Other leadership positions in educational organizations are also enhanced by masters and/or doctoral degrees in educational leadership.

Three degrees are offered within the adult learning and leadership program, including: (1) the Master of Science in Adult Learning and Leadership, designed to prepare practitioners for careers in a variety of adult education and leadership settings; (2) the Ph.D. in Adult Learning and Leadership, designed to prepare scholars for careers in college and university settings; and (3) the Ed.D. in Adult Learning and Leadership, designed to provide advanced education and experience by preparing people for work in business, industry, training, government, health services, community agencies, and careers in two- and four-year colleges and universities. Courses focus on issues related to planning, developing, delivering, or facilitating instruction for adult learners. Courses in the adult learning and leadership education program also support the master’s degree, Ph.D. and Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. The graduate programs are compatible with a variety of delivery settings where the following specializations and support areas are required or desired: adult and continuing education, extension education, administration and leadership of programs, human resource development, training, community education and development, and institutions, agencies, and organizations that deal primarily with adult needs and education.


Doctor of Education

Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Science

Graduate Certificate


Adult Learning and Leadership

Educational Leadership

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