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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Degree: Master of Business Administration and MS in Hospitality Administration

The Dual MBA/MS in Hospitality Administration Degree Program is an academic program that allows for the concurrent study of graduate business and graduate science course work and leads to both the MBA degree and the MS degree in Hospitality Administration. The program is designed for students seeking business leadership opportunities in the hospitality industry. The MBA portion is designed to advance the knowledge and practice of business administration. The Hospitality Administration portion is designed to provide industry specific knowledge necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry. Students graduating from the dual degree program will receive two degrees, an MBA and an MS in Hospitality Administration. The program requires the completion of 55 credit hours: 30 credit hours at the MBA program and 25 credit hours at the MS in Hospitality Administration program. The degrees are conferred simultaneously when all requirements for the dual degree program have been met. The assessment of the dual degree program is conducted in each program independently as specified in respective programs.

Application / Admission

Students are required to fulfill the admittance requirements of both degrees to be admitted into this dual degree program. The person seeking admission to the MBA/MS in Hospitality Administration Dual Degree Program must:

  1. Complete an application on CollegeNet (https://www.applyweb.com/kstateg) using Dual MBA/MS in Hospitality Administration program link. Students desiring to apply only to the MBA or MS in Hospitality Administration should select the specific program NOT the dual degree option in CollegeNet.  The link will be assessable from both College of Business and Department of Hospitality Management portals. Application materials include: official transcript of all completed academic work; GRE or GMAT scores and TOEFL scores, if applicable; statement of objectives; resume; and an Affidavit of Financial Support, if applicable.
  2. The graduate admission committee of each program will evaluate the MBA/MS application separately, and only those who are accepted by both programs will be admitted to the Dual MBA/MS program.
  3. A student who is initially admitted to either the MBA or MS in Hospitality Administration degree and who later decides to pursue the dual degree must apply for change of degree to the MBA/MS dual degree prior to being awarded the first degree.
  4. Students admitted to the MBA/MS joint degree program who later decide they only want to complete one of the degrees must:
    1. Submit a written notification to both programs.
    2. Must have their primary program plan changed to reflect the degree to be completed.
    3. Submit a new program of study for the degree program they will complete to the graduate school for an approval. Students must complete the requirements for the respective program to receive the MBA or MS degree. 

Degree Requirements


Curriculum prerequisite courses (MBA)

  • Six hours of economics
  • MATH 205 General Calculus and Linear Algebra or evidence of equivalent preparation
  • An undergraduate statistics course or equivalent preparation (STAT 703 must be taken in the first year of the program)


Curriculum prerequisite courses (MSHA)

  • accounting or finance
  • management concepts
  • marketing
  • foodservice management, event, and/or lodging management

Business Requirement (30 credit hours total)

May waive 6-12 credit hours if “B” or better is achieved in equivalent courses at the discretion of the program director. Typically waivers are only granted for multiple undergraduate courses taken, and only credits from AACSB accredited institutions are accepted.

Additional Courses if Completing the Thesis Option (12 hours)

Additional Courses if Completing the Non-Thesis Option (12 hours)