Sep 30, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Secondary Major

Shawn Hutchison, Interim Director
118 Seaton Hall

The natural resources and environmental sciences secondary major prepares students to apply broadly-based scientific knowledge to the use, management, sustainability, and quality of soil, air, water, mineral, biological, and energy resources. The NRES program offers a timely and relevant academic emphasis to broaden the environmental perspective students receive in their primary major.

Government, corporate, and public concerns about natural resource and environmental issues abound. These concerns translate into career opportunities for individuals with interdisciplinary training on how humanity affects global functions.

Because natural resource and environmental issues tend to be so extensive and complex, they exceed the scope of any single discipline. Students in the NRES secondary major study environmental issues from a wide base of academic viewpoints. Involvement with students and professors from other disciplines adds skills typically required in environmental careers.

Enroll by appointment with the director or by electronic form on the webpage.

Major degree requirements

I. Entry requirements

Students must successfully complete the following courses to become eligible to pursue the NRES secondary major. One course in the entry or block elective requirements must qualify as a life science course.

a. Four basic science courses (or their more advanced equivalent)

b. Two of the following basic NRES courses

These courses must be from different departments and total a minimum of 6 credit hours. Courses used to meet this requirement may not be used to meet NRES block elective requirements.

II. Block elective requirements

From the following lists, students must successfully complete a minimum of 5 courses (15 credit hours minimum) from at least four departments. One course must be taken from each of the designated areas (natural, applied, and social sciences/humanities), two courses must be numbered 500 or greater, and three courses must have a prerequisite. These lists are continuously being revised, See the director for the most recent version.

Applied science and technology courses

Social sciences/humanities courses

III. Capstone course requirement

All students must successfully complete the NRES capstone course. This course should be scheduled during the senior year.

Choose one from the following: