Jun 13, 2021  
In Progress 2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
In Progress 2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Industrial Engineering (Ph.D.)

To pursue a PhD degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering , the student must have a B.S. degree in engineering, mathematics, or physical science and be versed in several of the basic areas of industrial engineering. GRE scored are required for all students who apply.  Admission is based on a vote of the departmental graduate faculty. Decisions concerning financial assistance are the responsibility of the department head.

Doctoral Degree Requirements (90 credit hours)

With an MS Degree

Without a MS Degree

Additional Information

Additional graded courses must be courses that are awarded a letter grade.

Additional credit hours can be graded courses or taken for credit/no credit such as Ph.D. research.

If the Graduate School approves less than 30 hours of credit for a MS, then the remainder of the 30 hours (up to a maximum of 24 hours) must be taken as additional graded courses. These additional hours must be graded courses.

*A student may satisfy a core course requirement by passing an examination. In such a situation, the student may take an additional 3 hours of graduate graded courses in place of a core course.

Actual degree requirements will be summarized on approved Program of Study.

Credits from MS degree other than industrial engineering are determined on a case-by-case basis. If a student receives a ‘C’ or worse in any core courses, then he/she must retake the course until a satisfactory grade is obtained.

Each semester a student must enroll in IMSE 892 Graduate Seminar (O credit hours).

The student must have at least 15 hours of 800 or above graded courses and no more than 6 credits may be at the 500 level.

Continuous enrollment required.