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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agricultural Economics with concentration in Agribusiness (M.S.)

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The on-campus Master of Science in Agricultural Economics with concentration in Agribusiness, offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics , is designed for students aiming for the next level in the agribusiness sector or academia.

Thesis Option

Thesis research (6 credit hours)

Total hours required for graduation (30)


The candidate is required to take a final oral examination covering the thesis and the subject matter in the major field and the minor field when a minor is selected. 

Non-Thesis Option*

Ag Economics, finance, marketing, management (9 credit hours)

Select three courses from:

  • AGEC 700 or higher level course not used for other requirements (3)

Total hours required for graduation (36)


* The student is required to demonstrate evidence of scholarly effort by completing a creative component consisting of a written paper and an oral defense. The written paper will be on a topic provided by the student’s advisory committee relating to the student’s field of study. The report shall demonstrate a student’s understanding of the economic concepts critical to the problem. A critique of literature related to the topic should be included in the written report. The student should provide a qualitative analysis (graphical) of the problem. The qualitative analysis may propose testable hypotheses. Finally, the student should present a quantitative framework for further analysis. Quantitative analysis is not necessarily required, though it is encouraged.


The following courses developed in the Masters of Agribusiness are not allowed on a student’s program of study: AGEC 700, AGEC 701, AGEC 713, AGEC 720, AGEC 730, AGEC 760, AGEC 761, and AGEC 770.

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