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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial Design (Non-Baccalaureate MINDD)

The Master of Industrial Design is a five-year non-baccalaureate degree. It is designed to give students a diverse exposure in the industrial design profession. Students will focus on ergonomics, human factors, manufacturing processes, product semantics and design theory. Throughout the curriculum there will be a series of workshop courses to expose students to furniture design and fabrication skills. This degree will also have built into the curriculum field trips to major metropolitans, study abroad experiences and internship opportunities. This is a hands-on degree where students are given a balance of design theory, the hard science of manufacturing and the art of craft. This degree will also provide students with three courses toward an entrepreneurship minor. With just two more courses students can opt to receive their minor in entrepreneurship with their general electives.

Housed within the College of Architecture, Planning and Design and in the department of Interior Architecture and Product Design this degree will leverage a wide variety of expertise in designing products for the built environment. Our building in Seaton and Regnier Hall boast large well-appointed design labs. We also have a 20,000 square feet state of the art Fabrication Lab allowing our students to create products as small as a flash drive to as large as the interior cabin of a helicopter.

Our faculty care deeply about teaching students how to innovate for the future needs of the consumer, while still maintaining practices that are sustainable and responsible for our environment. Our Master of Industrial Design is a 170 credit hour degree which will give students a full spectrum of exposure to industry partnerships, study abroad and internship experiences. Our students learn to not only dream up what is next to come tomorrow but learn how to execute that dream today.

Master’s Degree Requirements

Environmental Design Studies Program

Industrial Design Program

Fifth Semester

  • INDD 310 INDD Digital Applications Credits: 2
  • INDD 325 Human Factors in Industrial Design Credits: 3
  • INDD 435 INDD Design Studio III Credits: 5
  • Credits: 3
  • IDAP 602 Design Workshop II Credits: 3
  • IDAP 603 Design Workshop Studio II Credits: 1

Summer Options

Seventh Semester

Undergraduate Hours: 139

Graduate Hours: 31

Total (MINDD) Degree Requirement: 170


*A minimum of fifteen (15) general elective credits must be taken. General electives may be taken in pursuit of a minor. They may be taken any time prior to or during the Interior Architecture and Product Design program and may include K-State approved AP, IB, CLEP and transfer credit. Students may not count more than three (3) total hours of recreation credits toward graduation.

**Focus Courses include IAPD 605 Problems in IAPD, as well as other department head approved courses, including those associated with a minor program.

***Electives taken in the seventh semester should support student interest including professional electives and study abroad courses. These may also be associated with a minor program.