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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Early Childhood Education (B.S.)

The Early Childhood Education major is for students who wish to work in birth through kindergarten education programs in administrative or teaching positions, including work with parents and community resources as well as with young children.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Practicum courses

Before participating in practicum courses involving contact with children, students must undergo a physical examination, including a tuberculosis test, at their own expense. Students must not have any physical or mental conditions that would interfere with the health, safety, or welfare of children.

Students will be screened by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for criminal and child abuse histories (through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and Kansas Department for Children and Family Services). Students with questionable histories, as determined by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, will be dropped from the early childhood education program.

Student teaching

Enrollment in student teaching is by permission only. Student teaching may not be taken until the student has obtained full admission into teacher education and has completed ECED 543, 544, 553, 554, 555.

General requirements (43-44 credit hours)

Communications (8–9 credit hours)

(Grades of “C” or higher required.)

Social sciences (12 credit hours)

Humanities electives (6 credit hours)

(Only a course of 3 credits or more will apply.)

  • Fine Arts Elective Credits: 3
  • Literature Elective (except ENGL 545) Credits: 3

Natural and physical sciences (7 credit hours)

Biological sciences, physical sciences, and earth science (One course must include a laboratory.)

Quantitative studies (6 credit hours)

(Grades of “C” or higher required.)

Additional requirements (3 credit hours)

  • Diversity elective Credits: 3

Integrative Human Ecology course (1 credit hour)

Professional studies (76-77 credit hours)

(Grades of C or higher required.)

Professional courses (62 credit hours)

(Teaching Field Courses–Grades of C or higher and an overall 2.75 GPA is required on all courses applied to degree. GPA is calculated from K-State and transfer courses.)


*First aid/CPR certification required before enrollment in ECED 598. This requirement can be met by successful completion of Red Cross or American Heart Association courses.

**A 3 credit social science other than psychology is required for certification.

***Literature for Adolescents may not be used as a literature elective.

Total hours required for graduation (120)