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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Science B.A./B.S.

Social science is a branch of learning that examines society’s institutions—their structures, theoretical foundations, evolution, and interrelationships—and how they affect and are affected by human behavior. The social science disciplines include American ethnic studies, anthropology, economics, geography, gender, women, and sexuality studies, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. Selected courses in communication studies and mass communication may also qualify.

A student works closely with a social science advisor to determine a plan of study with a thematic emphasis. This theme includes a minimum of 12 credit hours of courses in the major. In general, only two courses outside the stipulated social science disciplines may be used to count toward the major, if the course fits the student’s theme. All students must complete DAS 498 Social Sciences Senior Report.

The student’s social science advisor may encourage him or her to confer with other social science faculty members who have expertise in the area of the student’s interest.

A total of 36 credit hours must be completed with at least 3 credits being completed in each of four different social science disciplines. At least 9 credit hours must be completed in one social science discipline, including at least one course at the 500–699 level.

At least 15 credit hours must be completed in social science disciplines at the 500–699 level.

Students must complete at least one course in social science research methods or data analysis. This course may be any statistics (STAT) course that a student is qualified to take, or it may be selected from: AMETH 550 Research Methods in American Ethnic Studies; ANTH 519 Practical Anthropology; ANTH 660 Ethnohistory; ANTH 777 Research Medthods in Digital Ethnography, COMM 433 Communication Research Methods; GWSS 510 Research Medthods in Women’s Studies; HIST 586 Advanced Seminar in History; MC 396 Strategic Communication Research; POLSC 400 Political Inquiry and Analysis; PSYCH 350 Experimental Methods in Psychology; SOCIO 423 Methods of Social Research.

The research/data course cannot be used to fulfill any other requirement in the major. It can, however, be used to fulfill a general requirement. No more than 9 credit hours may be counted toward both the general requirements and the major.

A 2.0 GPA in the major (including transfer work) is required for graduation. The social science major is not available to students who will earn a degree in anthropology, communication studies, economics, geography, gender, women, and sexuality studies, history, mass communication, political science, psychology, or sociology.

Total credit hours required for graduation: (120)