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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Architecture (M.ARCH) (non-baccalaureate track)

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First semester (16 credit hours)

  • COMM 105 Public Speaking IA Credits: (2)
  • ENVD 201 Environmental Design Studio I Credits: (4)
  • ENVD 203 Survey of the Design Professions Credits: (1)
  • ENVD 250 History of the Designed Environment I Credits: (3)
  • MATH 100 College Algebra Credits: (3)
  • General Studies Elective* Credits: (3)

Second semester (15 credit hours)

  • ENGL 100 Expository Writing I Credits: (3)
  • ENVD 202 Environmental Design Studio II Credits: (4)
  • ENVD 251 History of the Designed Environment II Credits: (3)
  • PHYS 115 Descriptive Physics Credits: (5)

Third semester (17 credit hours)

  • ARCH 248 Fundamentals of Arch Technology Credits: (3)
  • ARCH 302 Architectural Design Studio I Credits: (5)
  • ARCH 350 History of Designed Environment III Credits: (3)
  • ENGL 200 Expository Writing 2 Credits: (3)
  • General Studies Elective* Credits: (3)

Fourth semester (16 credit hours)

  • ARCH 274 Digital Architecture I Credits: (1)
  • ARCH 304 Architectural Design Studio II Credits: (5)
  • ARCH 325 Environmental Design and Society Credits: (3)
  • ARCH 347 Structural Systems in Architecture I Credits: (4)
  • ARCH 433 Building Construction Systems in Architecture I Credits: (3)

Supplemental Study (6 credit hours)

  • General Studies Electives* Credits: (6)

Fifth semester (17 credit hours)

  • ARCH 373 Digital Architecture II Credits: (1)
  • ARCH 403 Architectural Design Studio III Credits: (5)
  • ARCH 413 Environmental Systems in Architecture I Credits: (4)
  • ARCH 448 Structural Systems in Architecture II Credits: (4)
  • General Studies Elective* Credits: (3)

Sixth semester (18 credit hours)

Seventh semester (17 credit hours)

  • ARCH 605 - Architectural Design Studio V Credits: (5)
  • Planning Elective** Credits: (3)
  • General Studies Elective* Credits: (5)
  • Unrestricted Elective * Credits: (1)
  • Professional Support Elective** Credits: (3)

Eighth semester (14 credit hours)


Tenth semester (17 credit hours)


Undergraduate Hours: 139
Graduate Hours: 31
Total Degree Requirement: 170

*A minimum of twenty-nine (29) general studies elective credits must be in non-architectural studies courses taken outside the Department of Architecture. General studies electives are courses in communications, history, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, foreign languages, and mathematics. They may be taken in pursuit of a minor. They may be taken any time prior to or during the Architecture program and may include KSU approved AP, IB, CLEP and transfer credit.  General studies electives may include KSU approved extracurricular work as allowed by university regulations; see In addition, there is a one credit unrestricted elective.

**The M.Arch degree requires twenty-four (24) hours of professional support (PSE) electives, twelve (12) for undergraduate credit and twelve (12) for graduate credit. Of the undergraduate credits, at least three (3) hours must be planning elective credits; the other nine (9) are usually fulfilled in the 8th semester as part of the 4th year study options. At least six (6) hours of the graduate level PSE must be architecture seminars. See the M. Arch Handbook for further details. Students may not count more than three (3) total hours of department approved extracurricular PSE credits (such as Oz, NOMAS, Plot Club etc.) toward graduation. PSE credits correspond to optional studies as listed in the 2014 NAAB Conditions for Accreditation.

One of the undergraduate elective courses must fulfill the Human Diversity in the United States area of the K-State 8 General Education program. The other seven areas are fulfilled by required courses. Information about the K-State 8 is available at and in the university catalog. K-State 8 course lists are available at

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