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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Plant Pathology (Ph.D.)

The Plant Pathology  department offers a full range of courses leading to the Ph.D. degree. These cover diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and viruses; bacterial and fungal genetics; disease control, diagnosis, ecology, epidemiology, and physiology; host plant resistance to disease; plant pathology methods; plant tissue culture and regeneration; plant cytogenetics; and student seminar, special problems and topics, and research.

Degree Options and Requirements

Ph.D. students are required to take at least 90 credit hours beyond the B.S. degree; graduate committees normally require at least 24 credit hours of formal class work at KSU past the M.S. The Graduate School will usually allow 30 credit hours to be transferred from a completed M.S. program.

Three of the following (or their equivalents)

At least one of the following


PLPTH 870 Seminar must be taken for a total of 3 credit hours. One credit hour of PLPTH 870 must be used for a proposal seminar within the first 2
years of entering the graduate program. One credit hour of PLPTH 870 must be used for the thesis defense seminar. At least one hour of
seminar must be in an area not related to the thesis work unless approved by the Seminar Committee.


At least four additional credit hours of electives must be taken in Plant Pathology.


The Graduate School requires 30 credit hours minimum and notes that the number of research credits should accurately reflect the emphasis on research inherent in the Ph.D. degree.

Free electives

39-40 credit hours