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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Agricultural Economics (B.S.) - Specialty Option in Pre-Law

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The agricultural economics program balances the theoretical and practical applications of agricultural economics to give students the best grasp on emerging issues facing professionals in food and agriculture today. Students earn a BS in agriculture with a major in agricultural economics.

While law school admission committees have no preference for undergraduate major, law schools look for breadth and depth in the curriculum and value diversity such as found in the agricultural economics major. The Association of American Law Schools emphasizes the selection of rigorous course work to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, oral and written communications skills, and an understanding of our society’s institutions and values.

The specialty option in pre-law, in agricultural economics, with coverage from the natural sciences to applied technology (in food and agriculture) to social sciences to the humanities, provides a wide breadth of educational exposure. It also provides a strong foundation for problem solving with good analytical skills.

The study of economics when combined with political science and philosophy gives students excellent exposure to understanding government and private institutions and to comprehending the value systems that guide the functioning of our society.

Students in the specialty option in  pre-law are encouraged to select communication electives that will enhance their creative writing and speaking skills.

As an agricultural economics student in the specialty option in pre-law, you will be encouraged and expected to work closely with both your agricultural economics advisor and the university pre-law advisor. Our goal is to help you design your educational program to maximize your opportunities.

Agricultural Economics Electives (15 credit hours)

Include at least two numbered 598 or above.
No more than 3 combined total credits from AGEC 460, AGEC 751 and GENAG 515 can be used toward Ag Econ Electives.

Natural Sciences (8 credit hours)

Select a combination of 2 courses for a total of 8 credit hours.

Social Sciences/Humanities (9 credit hours)

Specialty in Pre-Law (15-32 credit hours)

With the guidance of your pre-law advisor, select a combination of Specialty courses combined with free electives.

Unrestricted electives as needed to meet 127 credit hours

Total credit hours required for graduation: (127)

Must satisfy K-State 8 general education requirements.

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