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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art (B.F.A.)

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The bachelor of fine arts degree is a professionally oriented undergraduate degree in art. It is designed primarily for those planning to become professional artists, artist-teachers, or art therapists. Greater emphasis is placed on actual practice in the creative art disciplines.

The BFA in art is a four-year, 124-credit hour program with concentrations possible in ceramics, digital/experimental media, drawing, graphic design, metalsmithing and jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. The degree is considered the appropriate preparation for the master of fine arts degree, which is recognized as the terminal degree in studio arts. The BA and BFA can also be used as preparation for:

  • A master’s degree in art therapy when a portfolio of artwork is presented and additional coursework, generally consisting of 12 credits in psychology is completed. Required Psychology credits commonly include developmental and abnormal psychology; requirements for admission may include other preliminary coursework as defined by individual graduate programs.
  • A master’s degree in artistic and historic conservation. North American education programs offer a master’s degree in conservation or historic preservation for a master’s degree in a related discipline along with a certificate or diploma in conservation. Many graduate programs in conservation of cultural property require preliminary coursework that commonly includes one year of general chemistry and one year of organic chemistry, courses in the humanities such as art history, anthropology, architecture, and archeology, and coursework in studio art. Many programs also require a portfolio of art. Potential candidates should contact programs directly for admission requirements.

Basic requirements (46 credit hours)

Communications - 8 hours
Social sciences - 6 hours
Humanities - 9 hours (except ART courses)
Philosophy or mathematics - 3 hours
2 Sciences, one with a lab - 7-9 hours
General electives - 13-14 hours

Art courses (78 credit hours)

Core - 40 credit hours
Area of Concentration - 23 credit hours
Art Electives - 15 credit hours (does not include 100-level classes)

B.F.A. Area Concentrations

For a course to count as part of the 23 credit hours in a concentration for the B.F.A., students must earn a grade of C or higher.

Concentration Admissions Review (CAR) acceptance is provisional for all students who have not completed at least one full semester of class in their area with a grade of C or higher, since a grade of C or higher is required for all classes in the concentration. Students, who receive a grade of D or lower in their concentration class the semester they are accepted to CAR, will have to reapply through CAR after repeating or re-enrolling in this same concentration area class.

Ceramics Concentration (23 credit hours)

Digital Experimental Media Concentration (23 credit hours)

Drawing Concentration (23 credit hours)

Metalsmithing and Jewelry Concentration (23 credit hours)

Photography Concentration (23 credit hours)

Printmaking Concentration (23 credit hours)

Sculpture Concentration (23 credit hours)

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree requirements

Concentration Admission Review

Formal evaluation prior to admission to a chosen area of concentration is required upon completion of Department of Art foundation core. A display of selected completed foundation core work will occur during the semester when the last of nine foundation courses (25 credit hours) will be completed. Visual course work must meet faculty approval, and upon passing the concentration admission review students may begin BFA study in the area of concentration they have selected.

An additional review opportunity is allowed after an unsuccessful attempt to pass the concentration admission review. The second attempt must be made at the end of the semester following an unsuccessful effort to pass the concentration admission review. The second attempt may, if so requested, occur in an area different from the first unsuccessful attempt.

Students not successful in a second attempt to pass the concentration admission review will be advised to consider the BA degree in art. For complete details on the concentration admission review, students may get a copy of the requirements from the Department of Art advisor.

The major requirements are as follows: (78 credit hours)

Foundation Core

(Choices must total 25 hours; and be taken prior to or in concurrent semester when a student goes through Concentration Admission Review.)

Additional requirements

  • Area concentration Credits: 23
  • Art electives Credits: 15 (does not include 100-level courses)


Studios, laboratories, and equipment for creative work are provided and adequate to the needs of the art areas. Student work may be retained at the discretion of the faculty for an indefinite period of time for instructional and exhibition purposes.

Total credit hours required for graduation: (124)

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