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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Apparel and Textiles (B.S.)

The apparel and textiles program prepares graduates for professional careers in apparel design, apparel marketing, and the retailing industries. Apparel design and production students develop creative and analytical skills necessary to solve complex design problems. Students in apparel marketing develop the necessary competencies to become resourceful business leaders. The program provides detailed practical experience and a solid base for graduate studies.

Course work for all majors includes a foundation in liberal and general studies, including written and oral communications, mathematics, and computer science; textile and apparel evaluation; social-cultural, historical, and sustainable aspects of apparel; apparel design, production, consumer behavior, and marketing; and analysis of textile, apparel, and retailing industries.

Admission to the apparel design and production specialization is selective and based on performance criteria. Students applying to the specialization first are admitted to apparel and textiles. Those who have completed prerequisite courses may apply for advancement to the apparel design and production specialization. See website for more information.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Professional studies courses (63 credit hours)

Includes core and supporting courses and choice of a specialization in apparel design and production or apparel marketing. (Grades of C or higher required).

Choose one or both of the following specializations:

Specialization in Apparel Design and Production (33 credit hours)

Consult the departmental website for advancement criteria to the Apparel Design and Production specialization.

In addition, select 9 credits from the following:

Unrestricted electives (15–17 credit hours)

General studies courses (45-47 credit hours)

  • Humanities elective Credits: (3)
  • History elective Credits: (3)
  • Life Science elective Credits: (3-4)
  • University General Education elective Credits: (3)
  • Physical Science elective Credits: (3-4)
  • Either the life or physical science elective must have a corresponding laboratory

Total hours required for graduation (125)