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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

American Language and Culture Certificate

The American Language and Culture Certificate provides international students with an opportunity to improve their English skills, experience the American culture and educational system while earning a certificate through participation in academic course work. The interaction provides new insights and learning experience for both American and international students. The learning experiences gathered in the academic classes allow them to apply the language skills they have been polishing. In addition, the classes in the humanities and social sciences provide a background for the interpretation of the cultural experiences they encounter in their year in the U.S. The interactions with American students provide insight into the cultural knowledge they gather through academic study. Likewise, the American students benefit from the viewpoints on American culture brought by the international students.

The certificate encompasses 24 credit hours of language/academic course work from three academic disciplines over two semesters (fall and spring.) The undergraduate certificate is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Admission Requirements for International Students

  • Minimum second year standing at home institutions
  • Minimum TOEFL of 550
  • Meet general admission requirements as a non-degree-seeking exchange student

Certificate Components

  • English classes
  • General introduction to American culture and educational system
  • General background in American history, geography, and politics
  • General introduction to American society and ethnic diversity
  • Introduction to K-State campus, student life and activities
  • Exposure to other areas of American culture: art, music, literature, theatre, etc.

Academic Administrative Unit

The certificate program would be part of the International and Area Studies Program administered through the College of Arts and Sciences.  Pre-admission will be handled by the English Language Program with the Admissions Office issuing all immigration documents.


Courses considered for the American Language and Culture Certificate Program will have a substantial component focusing on aspects of American culture, art, history, or society. Determination of which courses include this component will be determined by the faculty within the various departments. Courses which also include an international component may also fulfill the requirement. The key factor will be in the exposure to American viewpoints and backgrounds.

Admission, Advising and Oversight

The English Language Program (ELP) in conjunction with the Office of International Programs (OIP) will initially oversee the pre-admission process. The ELP and OIP will be responsible for ensuring completion of all undergraduate admission requirements and the assessing of language proficiency. Once all requirements have been met, the Admissions Office will admit the student and issue all immigration documents. The procedure will follow existing guidelines for non-degree exchange students and English Language Program students.

Certificates will be awarded through the existing International and Area Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students will be required to enroll in 12 credit hours each semester to meet the requirements of Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS).  Completion of the certificate will require a total of 24 credit hours of courses, which may include up to 9 credit hours of language study and must include work in three different disciplines. International degree-seeking students at K-State meeting the requirements of the certificate program can earn the certificate upon completion of the certificate requirements.