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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nutrition and Kinesiology Dual Degree (BS HN and BS KIN)

Nutrition and Kinesiology is a dual degree program. Students complete a total of 140-147 credit hours and earn two degrees, one from the Department of Human Nutrition and the second from the Department of Kinesiology. Graduates of this program may pursue careers in health programs offered by hospitals, industries, wellness centers, public and private clinics, fitness camps, and athletic clubs.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Additional courses as specified in the general requirements section for arts and sciences:

  • *Humanities Credits: (11–12)
    (One course each in fine arts, philosophy, Western heritage, and literary or rhetorical arts.)
  • **International studies overlay (1 course) Credits: (0–3)

Professional studies (66 credit hours)

(Grades of C or higher required.)

Nutrition or Kinesiology (3 credit hours)

Kinesiology (32 credit hours)

Nutrition and Kinesiology majors must take a minimum of 32 kinesiology hours that include 17 hours from the lower-level core, 12 hours in an emphasis area, and 3 hours from other elective kinesiology courses at the 300 level or above.

A minimum grade of C is required on all prerequisities for kinesiology courses. A minimum grade of C and GPA of 2.2 are required for all kinesiology courses meeting degree requirements.

Kinesiology Upper-level Emphasis

(12 hours: Select an emphasis in Exercise Physiology or Public Health Physical Activity Behavior)

Exercise Physiology Emphasis (12 credit hours)

Public Health Physical Activity Behavior Emphasis (12 credit hours)

Kinesiology Electives (3 credit hours 300 Level or above)

Total hours required for graduation (140-147 credit hours)


*Students may satisfy the social science requirement at the same time they satisfy the requirement for the international studies overlay or humanities (western heritage).
**See the College of Arts and Sciences basic requirements in this catalog.