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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology B.A./B.S.

Students in this major may obtain either the BA or BS degree. In addition to the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, biology majors must take the courses of blocks A, B, and C as listed below.

Because the biology major has room for at least 20 hours of free electives beyond the 15 hours of biology electives, it is a popular major for students aiming at a variety of professional health disciplines, at graduate programs ranging from molecular biology to ecology, and at a diversity of bachelor’s-level jobs. Depending on the student, free electives could be courses in computer science, statistics, foreign language, business, etc., and/or additional courses in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and math.

Bachelor’s degree requirements


Prerequisites for MATH 220 are MATH 100 and 150 or four semesters of high school algebra and one semester of trigonometry plus appropriate math placement exam scores. Upon consultation with a Division of Biology advisor a student may substitute: Biochemistry I and II for General Biochemistry; Organic Chemistry I and II for General Organic Chemistry; Organic Chemistry I Lab for General Organic Chemistry Lab; and Engineering Physics I and II for General Physics I and II.

Block B: Division of Biology courses

Block C: Biology major electives

In addition to the Block B courses students must take a minimum of 15 credit hours of biology courses at the 400* level or higher, including two courses providing a laboratory experience.


*Students who take BIOL 340 will be awarded 3 hours of biology elective credit. 2 hours of upper-level credit can also be earned from BIOL 365.