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2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Military Science Minor

Basic course

The basic course consists of a series of four 2-hour courses open to all students and may be counted as electives. Enrollment in basic course classes does not obligate a student to military service. Freshmen will normally enroll in MSCI 100  and MSCI 101 . Sophomores will normally enroll in MSCI 201 and MSCI 202 . Freshman and sophomore courses may be taken concurrently by sophomores.

Advanced course

The U.S. Army ROTC advanced course is structured to develop the leadership potential of students choosing to pursue an officer commission. Prerequisites for the advanced course may be satisfied in a number of ways; specific questions on individual eligibility should be addressed to the department staff.

Students accepted into the advanced course agree to complete the curriculum and to accept an Active Army, U.S. Army Reserve, or Kansas Army National Guard commission, if offered. Each advanced course cadet receives a $450- to $500-per-month allowance during the school year in return for this agreement. A five-week national advanced leadership camp, with pay, is an integral part of the advanced course and normally is completed between the junior and senior years. Airborne, Air Assault, and the Northern Warfare training courses are U.S. Army schools available to qualified volunteers in addition to other training opportunities. Additionally, two-week and four-week leadership internships are available with military units located worldwide.

Leadership training camp

A five-week leadership training camp, with pay, is available. This allows ROTC participation by students who have not taken basic course classes. Application should be made to the Department of Military Science early in the spring semester. Students will attend camp during the summer. Satisfactory completion of the ROTC leadership training camp earns 4 hours academic credit and satisfies all prerequisites for entry into the advanced course. A two-year full-tuition scholarship and benefit package will be available to all successful leadership training camp students.

Discharge of duty

Federal laws provide that ROTC graduates may discharge their military obligation in one of two ways: (1) three to four years of active duty with the remainder of the statutory eight-year obligation completed with the Army Reserve or National Guard organizations; or (2) three to six months active duty for training with the remainder of an eight-year obligation completed with Army Reserve or National Guard organizations. Preferences indicated by the graduate for a particular form of service are normally respected. Members of Army National Guard and Army Reserve units may enter the Simultaneous Membership Program. This program allows cadets to serve with a National Guard or Army Reserve unit while in Army ROTC, receiving both financial assistance and valuable experience.


The Army provides two-, three- and four-year scholarships to selected high school and college students. These scholarships provide full tuition and fees, an allowance for books and supplies, and $300 to $500 per school month. The scholarships are available on a competitive basis to all students, regardless of present enrollment in Army ROTC, who wish to receive commissions as officers. They must have two years remaining towards undergraduate or graduate programs. These scholarships, applied for during the spring semester, become effective the following fall. In addition to the Army ROTC scholarships, the Kansas Army National Guard offers one-,two-, three-, or four-year scholarships to selected high school and college students. The Kansas Army National Guard ROTC Scholarship is for Kansas residents and pays in-state tuition only.

Voluntary organizations

The department sponsors three voluntary organizations: KSU Wildcat Battalion Color Guard, the ROTC Recondo Club, and Officer Christian Fellowship. The Color Guard performs both university and non-university ceremonies as well as home football and basketball games. The ROTC Recondo Company provides additional tactical training and leadership experience. It supplements ROTC classroom instruction and field training to better prepare cadets for advanced camp and to be Army officers.

Recommended courses

In recognition of leadership’s many facets, the department requires that students enrolled in ROTC select from a number of university courses that complement the leadership program. One course in military history is required. In addition to the required course, one course each in national security policy and management is recommended. The majority of these courses may be applied as elective classes for the student’s degree requirements and the leadership studies minor. A list of acceptable courses is available at the Department of Military Science.