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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, Theatre, and Dance

Jeffrey Ward, Director

University Distinguished Professors: Goins and Littrell
Professors: Bailey, Burrack, Cochran, Cooper, Dobrzanski, Fallin, Gartner, Hunt, T. Kerstetter, Pittman, Tracz, and Ward
Associate Professors: Fassler-Kerstetter, Maullar, Oppenheim, Large, Maxwell, Parker, Payne, Pentz, Pinkering, Pinkston, Rosine, Stark, Thompson, Uthoff, Vellenga, Voecks, Weston, Wytko, and Yu-Oppenheim
Assistant Professors: Cranford, Digby, Gurgel, Johnson, Morris, Mueller, Pinkall, and Skelton
Instructors: Arrington, Brockenicky, Canfield, Dunn, Holmberg, Loch, Matthews, Maxwell, Muriago, and Salvatore 
Emeriti Professors: R. Edwards, Fedder, Flouer, Funkhouser, Langenkamp, Steinbauer, Sutton, R. Walker, and Zivanovic
Emeriti Associate Professors: J. Edwards, Houser, MacFarland, Ollington, Polich, Shelton, and Sidorfsky
Emeritus Assistant Professor: M. Walker
Emeritus Instructors: Banner and Wingfield

109 McCain Auditorium
Fax: 785-532-6899
E-mail: mtdksu@k-state.edu

The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance was given school status in June of 2012 by the Kansas Board of Regents. The school has three associate directors as follows:
Kurt Gartner, Associate Director - Music
Jennifer Vellenga, Associate Director - Theatre
Julie Pentz, Associate Director - Dance

Music Program

The Music Program is a member, with institutional accreditation, of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Curricula in Music Education and performance with emphases in music theatre, composition, voice, piano, organ, strings, woodwind, percussion, and brass instruments are offered. Courses in music are available to any student enrolled in the university, subject to prerequisites listed in the course descriptions. Courses in performance do not require prerequisites for those not majoring in music; however, availability of instructor and fees for non-majors are factors in securing performance instruction. This elective credit cannot be used later toward a music degree unless it meets the requirements of that course as it applies to those majoring in music. No more than two credits a semester will be granted for performance as an elective.

Entrance requirements

New and transfer students

Preliminary placement examinations in piano, the performance major, and theory must be taken by all students majoring in music regardless of the curriculum selected. Students will be advised as to the most appropriate field of concentration and the proper level of study as a result of examination.

Divisional hearings will determine the number of upper-level hours that will be accepted for transfer students.

Students who, on the basis of auditions in their major performance area, have been determined by the faculty to perform at a level lower than that acceptable for MUSIC 255 will not be allowed to declare a major in music. They will be required to enroll in MUSIC 251 Pre-Applied Study until such time that their proficiency level is acceptable for MUSIC 255.

If, on the basis of audition, a music major is determined by the faculty to lack sufficient proficiency to be a member of a major performing ensemble that student must enroll in Voice Class. A maximum of two semesters of Voice Class may be substituted for the major ensemble requirements.

General regulations for all performance areas

As a part of performance requirements, studio and divisional seminars and general student recitals are held regularly. Each student is required to perform at least once a semester either in a studio seminar or in a student recital. All private study for credit will culminate in a jury exam each semester.

Each division faculty maintains the right to advise students to discontinue performance study in that particular curriculum if the students have not demonstrated the necessary degree of progress.

For specific divisional requirements, each student should request a copy of detailed policies.

Participation in a major ensemble in the student’s major performance area selected with the advice of a departmental advisor is required each semester. Piano and organ majors may elect either instrumental or choral major ensembles to satisfy requirements.

As an extension of the study of an instrument or voice, attendance at studio and division seminars is required each semester.

Attendance at a minimum of 15 recitals and concerts is required for seven semesters. This attendance is to be divided among the various performance areas.

Piano is required as a performance minor for all degrees unless piano is the performance major. If the performance major is piano, then voice, any instrument, or organ may substitute for the performance minor.

Required recital attendance

Attendance at a minimum of 9 recitals or concerts per semester for seven semesters is required for graduation. Transfer students’ records will be evaluated.


Music majors will enroll in MUSIC 322 Aural Skills Proficiency concurrently with MUSIC 320. Credit for MUSIC 322 is earned by passing the aural proficiency exam. Successful completion of MUSIC 322 is a prerequisite for enrollment in MUSIC 517, 518, 525, and 532. (Exception for placement of transfer students.)

MUSIC 060 Piano Proficiency requirements must be met prior to graduation.

Fees for private music lessons

University students enrolled in the bachelor of music, bachelor music education, bachelor of arts in music degrees or who are minoring in music, are exempt from fees for private music lessons and music practice facilities.

There is an additional fee for students not majoring or minoring in one of these music curricula who take private music instruction (pending availability of staff and facilities). Contact the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance for current amounts.

Theatre Program

The Theatre Program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). There are no admittance requirements into the threatre program beyond those for admittance into Kansas State University.


    Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of ScienceBachelor of MusicBachelor of Music EducationCertificateNon-Degree


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