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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online Programs

Kansas State University Online

Karen Pedersen, Dean
Debbie Hagenmaier, Assistant Director, Program Development and Management
Jo Maseberg-Tomlinson, Assistant Director, Program Development and Management
George Widenor, Executive Director for Strategic Growth and Analysis
Kevin Hartless, Director of Marketing
Pamela Erickson, Director, Student Success and Advising
Megan Chambers, Director, Recruitment
Aliah Mestrovich Seav, Executive Director, UFM Community Learning Center

Anderson Hall
919 Mid Campus Dr North
Room 010
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-5575 or 1-800-662-2578
Email: online@k-state.edu

K-State Online offers more than 150 academic programs to students around the world who need or want the added flexibility of learning online. Although your educational experience may not take place in a lecture hall, you’ll be taught by the same quality instructors who teach on campus and your classes will follow the same rigorous academic standards that K-State has always maintained.

Classes are structured to increase interaction, and students are often surprised at the strong bonds they’re able to forge with their classmates, advisors and faculty even when they live hundreds or thousands of miles apart. You’ll also have access to the same support services on-campus students receive, such as tutoring, the Writing Center, library services and financial counseling.

K-State Online Programs
View a complete list of K-State Online programs.


Intersession is conducted during the following three-week breaks in the academic calendar: late December to mid-January, late May to mid-June, and late July to mid-August. Annually, many existing and new or experimental credit courses are offered during intersession, providing students with an opportunity to examine academic areas not scheduled in their current curricula and faculty members with a means to experiment with new ideas and formats for teaching. On-campus, study abroad, and online or distance classes are offered during intersession. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisors to determine if a particular intersession class will fulfill specific degree requirements. Intersession course information can be found online at https://online.k-state.edu/why-learn-online/flexibility/intersession.html.

UFM Community Learning Center

UFM Community Learning Center provides credit and noncredit educational opportunities for Kansas State University, the Manhattan area and communities across Kansas. More than 800 classes are available each year, with topics ranging from recreation, test preparation, health and wellness, recreation and fitness, living green, cooking and more. Many recreational classes are offered for K-State credit. UFM also sponsors the Lou Douglas Lecture Series on Public Issues, hosts the Manhattan Community Garden, coordinates a teen mentoring program, and hosts Project EXCELL. For additional information about UFM and its programs and activities visit tryufm.org or email ufm@k-state.edu.