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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Programs


Education Abroad

Joe Milostan, Director
Brent Holliday, Assistant Director
304 Fairchild Hall

The Education Abroad is the first stop for students planning to study, volunteer, intern, or research abroad. We offer a variety of academic programs that prepare students for success in an increasing global society. Programs range from short term faculty-led and group programs to individual summer, semester, and academic year opportunities. Programs are available in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. With over sixty individual exchange programs and several hundred affiliation agreements worldwide students are able to find a program that matches their needs and interests. Exchange programs involve reciprocal partnerships with universities abroad that allow students to attend partner universities while paying K-State, in-state tuition and education abroad fees to K-State.  Additional program options are available through direct enrollment and affiliated program providers. Faculty-led programs are education abroad courses taught internationally by K-State faculty and are coordinated by Education Abroad in cooperation with the academic departments.

Federal Financial Aid and most scholarships can be used towards education abroad.  The Education Abroad encourages students to apply for local and national education abroad scholarships in addition to the scholarships available through the Education Abroad.  Select scholarships for education abroad are listed below:


Education Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships available through the Office of International Programs/Education Abroad include:

  • Goss Discovery Scholarship
  • Megan E. Taylor Czech Republic Student Award
  • Duane and Shirley Acker International Scholar Award
  • The Catherine Joyce Memorial Scholarship
  • Doris Hays Fenton Memorial Scholarship
  • Elfrieda Nafziger Scholarship
  • The Heather Stewart Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Lynn Manning Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Rodolfo J. Montes de Oca/Costa Rica Small Town International Scholarship
  • The Vernon Larson Study Scholarship
  • Veronica Bonebrake International Scholarship
  • API, ISA, and USAC KSU Scholarships
  • Noble-McCants Study Abroad for Northern Ireland Scholarship

Scholarships available through other offices include:

College of Agriculture International Study Scholarship
117 Waters Hall

College of Business Administration - Larry and Patricia Kendall Study Abroad Scholarship
107 Calvin Hall

College of Engineering International Experience Grant
1046 Rathbone Hall

College of Health and Human Sciences International Study/Service Scholarships
119 Justin Hall

Blue Key
103 Leadership Studies

Department of Modern Languages Scholarships (language majors only)
104 Eisenhower Hall

Gilman, Boren, Fulbright, and Critical Languages Scholarship
Jim Hohenbary
215 Fairchild Hall


Office of International Programs (OIP)

Grant Chapman, Associate Provost
Marcellus Caldas, Assistant Provost
304 Fairchild Hall
E-mail: oip@k-state.edu

The mission of the Office of International Programs is to lead the internationalization of Kansas State University by supporting and collaborating with faculty, students, and scholars in international education and research worldwide.

Building upon several decades of international involvement, K-State provides a range of programs that link the campus with other parts of the world. Many of these are coordinated through individual departments or colleges; others serve the whole university.

The Office of International Programs supervises the Education Abroad Program, the English Language Program, the International Undergraduate Recruiting Office, and the International Student Center, and provides a range of services and support to faculty and students.

We provide the following services:

  1. Provide detailed information about K-State’s English Language Program and Undergraduate programs, and general information about Graduate programs that are offered at K-State
  2. Represent K-State at recruitment fairs and international high schools around the world
  3. Answer questions about the application process as well as the status of submitted applications
  4. Evaluate educational credentials and admit English Language Program and Undergraduate international applicants
  5. Evaluate financial documentation and process immigration documents for visa purposes and provide basic immigration information
  6. Send acceptance documents and communicate important pre-arrival information to students
  7. Help students make a decision to study at Kansas State University
  8. Meet students at the Manhattan, KS airport at the start of the semester and assist with new student orientation programming


International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

Sara Thurston, PhD, Director
104 International Student Center
Fax: 785-532-6607
E-mail: isss@k-state.edu

The staff at International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provide vital services for K-State’s around 2,500 international students, scholars, and their families. This includes advice on U.S. immigration regulations, support during their stay in the U.S., and cultural programs. The staff assists them with visa and passport issues, work authorization, entry and exit documentation, certification of status forms, housing, programming and personal concerns. ISSS also offers assistance to faculty and departments wanting to bring international scholars to the United States. Additionally, the staff serves the entire campus as a resource on international student and scholar issues. The office operates under the Office of International Programs and works with all facets of the University to implement and support both the goals of each student and scholar and the goals of the University in international education. Staff members provide leadership and support for a variety of programs that promote global awareness and understanding.

ISSS is housed in the International Student Center which is composed of three building that have been completely funded by private gifts to K-State. The Taiwan Wing houses most of the staff. The Korean Room houses the director’s office and office meeting space. The Center provides a comfortable relaxed atmosphere where people can meet or attend various programs. It includes a multipurpose meeting room, kitchen, reading lounge, and small classroom. Rental of the facilities is available.

Admission Information for Undergraduate International Students

Admission Information for Graduate International Students

International Student and Scholar Services


English Language Program

Mary Wood, Director
Ketty Reppert, Associate Director of Academics
Leena Chakrabarti, Associate Director of Student Services

Instructors: Ben-Itzhak, Brunner, Carel, Chappell, Climenhaga, Darnell, Gramp, Iagosz, Kelly, Law, McConnell, and Peverill
Emeritus: Cocke, Franchitti, Ossar, and Williams

205 Fairchild
E-mail: elp@k-state.edu

The English Language Program offers intensive English courses primarily for international students who plan to enter degree programs at K-State. However, it also accepts students who wish to come for English instruction only.

The program offers five levels of full-time intensive English. It also offers advanced part-time courses specifically for students who need support in English while taking classes in their degree field (DAS 176, 177, and 178).

International undergraduate applicants do not have to submit a TOEFL score. They can be admitted on their academic credentials only. Once they arrive at K-State, if students do not provide other evidence of English proficiency, they must take the English Proficiency Test (EPT). If their test scores place them in English classes, they must enroll in them. This is the condition for beginning academic work. The admission policy follows below:

If you meet academic requirements, Kansas State University can admit you with no proof of English proficiency. Once you arrive, you will be required to take the English Proficiency Test (EPT). The results of the EPT will determine if you need to study English, either full-time or part-time, or if you are ready to begin full-time university classes. This is to make sure that you have the necessary English skills to be successful in your career here at K-State.

The program also screens the English proficiency of incoming non-native speakers of English. For other information and a brochure, write or e-mail the English Language Program at the addresses above.


International Curricula

Students seeking to enrich their college experience and enhance their personal and professional development may take advantage of several interdisciplinary international education opportunities. International travel scholarships are offered by the college and departments.

College of Agriculture

Don Boggs
117 Waters Hall
Fax: 785-532-6897
E-mail: dboggs@k-state.edu

The College of Agriculture offers opportunities for international travel through faculty-led study tours, summer exchange programs, semester abroad program, and summer internships in other countries. Scholarship or grant support is provided for all College of Agriculture students who travel internationally to study topics related to their major. A minor in international agriculture  is available to students with agricultural majors. The minor requires a combination of language, international course work, and experience abroad.

College of Agriculture International Scholarships

Contact: Don Boggs 785-532-6151

  • Boggs International Agriculture Scholarship
  • Brown International Travel Award
  • Galle International Agricultural Scholarship
  • Lewis International Study Scholarship
  • Morgan Family International Study Scholarship
  • Stunkel International Travel Award Honoring Fred Cholick
  • Wolfe International Scholarship

College of Arts and Sciences

Robert Clark, Director International and Area Studies
014A Eisenhower Hall
Fax: 785-532-7004
E-mail: ias@k-state.edu

The College of Arts and Sciences offers two international, interdisciplinary secondary majors and two minors to undergraduates in any college: International Studies  secondary major and Latin American Studies  secondary major, East Asian Studies  minor and African Studies  minor. For more information, reference to these programs select either or find them listed in Colleges and Departments.

College of Business Administration

Student Services
107 Calvin Hall
Fax: 785-532-7809
E-mail: cbastusv@k-state.edu

The College of Business Administration offers several opportunities to its students to learn about global business issues and practices as they prepare to meet the future challenges in the global marketplace. In addition to study abroad programs and faculty-led trips abroad, business students can earn a Certificate in International Business  offered by the College of Business Administration or earn a secondary major in International Studies  offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Scholarships are often available for business students who travel internationally to study topics related to their major.


International Service Teams

Kaitlin Long, Program Coordinator and Instructor
1300 Mid-Campus Drive N
Manhattan, KS 66502
Fax: 785-532-6896
E-mail: KaitlinL@k-state.edu 

Since 1989, K-State has supported interdisciplinary teams of undergraduate students in service-learning experiences abroad. These teams work alongside community partners on locally organized and run community initiatives. The International Service Teams, a program of the Staley School of Leadership Studies, currently partners with community organizations in South Africa, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, Paraguay, and The Gambia. Participants apply and are selected in the fall semester prior to the summer experience; they enroll in a spring semester preparatory course before departing for an eight to ten week engaged service-learning experience during the summer. Students work with local community partners and are involved with ongoing reflection during their time abroad.  Upon return to Kansas State, they participate in a reflection course to process their learning experience and plan for future action.