Jun 26, 2022  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Studies

Gregory Paul, Department Head

Professor: Paul, Procter, and Steffensmeier
Associate Professors: Han, Lind, and Shaffer
Assistant Professors: Eddington, McVey, and Woods
Instructors: Brown, Epping, Smith, and Taylor
Emeritus Professor: Schenck-Hamlin
Emeritus Associate Professor: Goulden, Griffin

234 Nichols Hall
Fax: 785-532-3714

The Department of Communication Studies offers study in human communication, including relational communication, organizational communication, political communication, and legal communication.

For teacher licensure , see College of Education , Secondary Education-Speech (EDSPH) requirements.

The communication studies program builds knowledge and skills in communication. The program improves students’ skills in developing messages that are clear, coherent, reasoned, ethical, and fluent. Courses such as small group communication, interpersonal communication, and public speaking, along with co-curricular activities in debate and forensics / individual events, provide hands-on opportunities to build valuable communication skills. Second, the program develops students’ ability to analyze communication and engage diverse audiences in a variety of settings. Courses such as persuasion, rhetoric, and political communication helps students learn how to achieve their goals through speech and language. Communication studies majors excel in multiple careers, including law, education, sales, human resources, government, the health professions, and government.

In addition to the general university and college requirements for the BA/BS degree, undergraduate majors in communication studies take 39 credit hours of coursework in the Department of Communication Studies. All majors complete 9 required credit hours and 15 credit hours in one of five academic tracks: legal communication, organizational communication, political communication, relational communication, or general communication. Communication studies majors also complete 15 credit hours in communication studies electives.


Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science



Communication Studies