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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Family Studies and Human Services

Applied Human Sciences

Sonya Lutter, Director

University Distinguished Professor: S. Stith
Professors: Britt-Lutter, Crawford, Fees, J. Garcia, Hoag, MacDonald, Nelson-Goff, Olsen, Scheidt, and Schumm
Associate Professors: Anderson, Baptist, DeLuccie, Doll, Durtschi, Heckman, Johannes, Kiss, Markham, Norris, Pederson-Archuleta, Pelczarski, Seay, Topham, Vennum, and Wiles,
Teaching Associate Professors: Coulson, Thompson, and Welch
Assistant Professors: Burnett, Ferraro, Francois, Lim, Syme, and Yelland
Instructors: Behan, Fehr, Hammerli, Johnson-Olthoff, Martens, Meitler, and Meyer 
Advanced Instructor: Shanna Jager
Senior Instructor: Kathryn Thompson-Laswell
Clinical Associate Professors: R. Garcia, and Hilgers
Clinical Assistant Professors: Burnett, Fratecelli, Lechtenberg, and Weltsch
Research Assistant Professors: Griffin
Emeritus Professors: Bergen, Bollman, Flanagan, Kellett, Maddux, Meredith, Moxley, J. Murray, Russell, Smit, C. Smith, M. Stith, and Walker
Emeritus Associate Professors: Bradshaw, A. Murray, and Young
Emeritus Assistant Professor: McNeil
Emeritus Clinical Associate Professors: McCants and O’Conner
Emeritus Research Assistant Professor: VerBrugge
Emeritus Instructor: West

303 Justin Hall
Fax: 785-532-5505

The School of Family Studies and Human Services is focused on the study of individuals and families from a multidisciplinary perspective. Programs emphasize developmental processes throughout the life cycle, interpersonal relationships, personal financial planning, intervention for speech, language, and hearing problems, and educational programming for children and families.

Undergraduate programs include communication sciences and disorders, early childhood education, human deveopment and family science, and personal financial planning. In addition, students may combine degree programs in early childhood education and elementary education.

The school places great importance on laboratory and field experiences, along with classroom experiences. On-campus field experiences for undergraduate students are available in the Family Center, the Center on Aging, the Hoeflin Stone House Early Childhood Center, the Kansas State University Speech and Hearing Center, the Institute of Personal Financial Planning, Riley-Geary Counties Domestic Mediation Services, and PowerCat Financial.



Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Personal Financial Planning






Communication Sciences and Disorders

Conflict Resolution

Early Childhood Education

Family Studies and Human Services

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