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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science

244 Waters Hall
Fax: 785-532-2339

Department Head:

Jeffrey Pickering

Director of graduate studies:

James Franke

Graduate Faculty:

Joseph A. Aistrup, Ph.D., Indiana University
*Sam Bell, Ph.D., Binghamton University
Ethan Bernick, Ph.D., Florida State University
Nathaniel Birkhead, Ph.D., Indiana University
*Sabri Ciftci, Ph.D., Florida State University
John Fliter, Ph.D., The University of Maryland
James L. Franke, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
Brianne Heidbreder, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
*Dale Herspring, Ph.D., University of Southern California
Jesse Johnson, Ph.D., Rice University
Laurie M. Johnson, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University
*Emizet Kisangani, Ph.D., University of Iowa
*Andrew Long, Ph.D., Florida State University
Carla Martinez Machain, Ph.D., Rice University
*Jeffrey Pickering, Ph.D., Indiana University
Craig Stapley, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma
Krishna K. Tummala, Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia

Graduate Faculty Associates:

Katharine J. Jackson, J.D., University of Colorado School of Law
Josie Gatti Schafer, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas

*Denotes graduate faculty that are certified to serve as the major professor for doctoral students. 

Financial assistance

The Department of Political Science provides financial aid for assistance with teaching, or research, or both. Specific assignments to teaching or research depend on the needs and abilities of the graduate assistant, and the needs of the department.  Assistantship applications are available on the Political Science website at:  http://www.k-state.edu/polsci.

Selection criteria

Awards reflect the following criteria:

  • Academic performance, promise, and intellectual ability.
  • Past performance as a departmental assistant, if applicable.
  • Teaching and research needs of the departmental faculty.
  • Financial need.
  • Minimum 6 hour enrollment during term of assistance, under ordinary circumstances.
  • Reasonable progress toward master’s degree.

Amount of assistance

Graduate assistantships are measured in “tenths” time, ranging from one-tenth to five-tenths, each tenth corresponding to a dollar amount which changes annually with university and department appropriations. In addition, graduate assistants are eligible for waivers and reductions of tuition fees, depending on legal residence and amount of assistance.


Each tenth of assistance corresponds to an average of four hours of work each week, or 20 hours of work for a full five-tenths assistantship. Faculty supervisors are responsible for arranging an equitable correspondence of tenths’ assistance and duties, and each graduate assistant is responsible for keeping his or her principal faculty supervisor informed on how this obligation is met.


Each assistant is assigned to one or two faculty members, depending on the department’s needs and the student’s preference. Graduate assistants may be asked to help any member of the department faculty, subject to clearance with the student’s principal advisors.

Conditions of assistance

All teaching assistants are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA during the period of appointment with the department, and to perform their duties satisfactorily. The department reserves the right to withdraw support if academic performance falls below the 3.0 GPA or if the job performance is not satisfactory.

Application procedure

Applicants should submit the following to the head of the Department of Political Science not later than November 1 for the spring term, or March 1 for the fall term or for the nine-month academic year:

  • One copy of an application form available from the Department of Political Science.
  • A formal cover letter of application. This letter may also be used to expand on items in the application form, and to document financial need.

All applicants will be notified of the department’s decisions, and award recipients will be asked formally to acknowledge acceptance.  Applications can be found on the Graduate School website at:  www.k-state.edu/grad.

Announcement dates

Awards are announced on or about April 15, and November 15. Ordinarily, there are no summer term graduate assistantships.


To be eligible for admission, a student must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 3.0 GPA (on a four point scale). Others with at least a 2.7 GPA may be admitted on probation, or on special student category. Application materials for admission to either the M.A. program or the MPA program must be returned to the department and should include a completed application form including application fee, two official transcripts from all colleges previously attended, three letters of recommendation (on official letterhead), and a statement of the candidate’s personal objectives. Graduate Record Exams (GRE) are also recommended for all students applying to be Graduate Teaching Assistants. Foreign students, in addition to the above materials, need to submit a TOEFL score (a minimum of 550) or IBT TOEFL score of 79, and a financial support form.

Admission to the MPA and MA programs and financial assistance are based on academic accomplishment and promise. Admission applications are welcome at any time. A processing fee can be paid online during the application process using a credit card. Foreign students applicants can pay the fee online by credit card or mail in a money order or cashiers check; no personal checks accepted.


Master of Arts

Master of Public Administration

Graduate Certificate


American Government and Politics

Comparative Government and Politics

International Relations

Methods, Seminars, Readings, and Problems

Political Thought