Jun 25, 2022  
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


103 Leasure Hall

Director of graduate studies:

Gayle Doll

K-State Graduate Faculty:

Janice Dinkel, MSW, University of Kansas
Gayle Doll, Ph.D., Kansas State University
Migette Kaup, Kansas State University
*Laszlo Kulcsar, Ph.D., Cornell University
Lyn Norris-Baker, Ph.D., University of Houston

*Denotes graduate faculty that are certified to serve as the major professor for doctoral students.

Graduate Faculty Associate:

Laurel Dinkel, MSW, University of Kentucky

Inter-Institutional Faculty:

Alex Bishop, Oklahoma State University
Whitney Brosi, Oklahoma State University
Teresa Cooney, University of Missouri-Columbia
Margaret Fitzgerald, North Dakota State University
Heather Fuller-Iglesias, North Dakota State University
Lawrence Ganong, University of Missouri-Columbia
Timothy Killian, University of Missouri-Columbia
Jennifer Margrett, Iowa State University
Peter Martin, Iowa State University
Greg Sanders, North Dakota State University
Jean Scott, Texas Tech University
Barbara Stoecker, Oklahoma State University
Cynthia Torges, North Dakota State University
Karin VanMeter, Iowa State University

Program description

The inter-institutional M.S. in Gerontology draws on the expertise of graduate faculty and graduate courses from six universities. The program is taught entirely via the Internet. Students are educated in various areas of gerontology which include health issues, public policy, environmental issues and adult development.


Master of Science

Graduate Certificate