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    Kansas State University
  Feb 24, 2018
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Music (B.A.)

The bachelor of arts with a major in music emphasizes the liberal arts tradition. The program provides enough flexibility in electives for students to meet other preprofessional requirements, and it thus may appeal to students whose professional goals do not terminate with music. The major program of music leading to the bachelor of arts degree may be elected with an emphasis in the areas of music literature, composition, or performance.

Bachelor’s degree requirements

Additional Requirements

Participation for credit in a large music ensemble (instrumental or choral, depending on the major performance area) is required each semester (8 credit hours).  The large music ensembles are:

Participation for credit in music lessons (4 credit hours)

Courses selected from the following (9 credit hours)

Total credit hours required for graduation: (120)