Jul 22, 2018  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Angela Hubler, Interim Head

Professors: Bhattacharya, Broyles-Gonzalez, Cooper, Depaoli, Dodd, Gonzáles, Hedrick, Janette, Kurtz, LeHew, Muturi, Nel, Spears, Tatonetti, and Wood
Associate Professors: Baird, Breen, Brimhall, Chronister, Falcone, Fritch, Garni, Hubler, Kanost, Karlin, Knoblauch, Leader-Picone, Longmuir, Luly, Matlock, McCrea, Pakaste, Roshanravan, Tolar, Tushabe, Vallenga, and Wheatley
Assistant Professors: Antonioli, Bardham, Bender, Levitt, Padilla Carroll, Sarmiento, Shapkina, Weaver, and Yelich-Biniecki
Instructors: Borello, Earles, Franchitti, and Gott

003 Leasure Hall
Fax: 785-532-3299
E-mail: GWSS@k-state.edu

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies 

faculty and students analyze personal experience and social institutions as they shape and are shaped by gender, sex, sexuality, race/ethnicity, class, (dis)-ability and global location. This analysis enables both an understanding of oppression as well as a vision of social equity and justice. Courses examine histories and theories that illuminate the origins and dynamics of discrimination; legal and political efforts to work for social change both within the U.S. and globally; and the achievements and leadership of women, LGBT populations and people of color.

GWSS is an interdisciplinary field, offering course in 18 other departments and programs across the university. Faculty members foster interactive learning and encourage students to consider their own experience in relation to course content.

The department offers an undergraduate major, minor, and graduate certificate in gender, women, and sexuality studies, and an undergraduate minor in queer studies.


    Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of ScienceNon-Degree


      Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies