Jun 22, 2018  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog

Plant Pathology

Marty Draper, Head
Doug Jardine, Extension State Leader
Alina Akhunova, Director of the Integrated Genomics Facility
Chris Little, Plant Pathology Minor Coordinator
Richard Todd, Applied Genomics and Biotechnology Minor Coordinator

University Distinguished Professors: Gill, Leslie, and Valent
Professors: DeWolf, Jardine, Kennelly, Stack, Trick, and Whitfield 
Associate Professors: E. Akhunov, Little, R. Todd, and Toomajian
Assistant Professors: Cook, Liu and Poland 
Instructors: O’Mara and T. Todd
Adjunct Professors: Bowden, Chumley, Eversmeyer, Faris, Lee, Summerell, and Tohme 
Adjunct Associate Professor: Fellers
Adjunct Assistant Professors: Webb
Research Professor: Friebe 
Research Associate Professors: A. Akhunova and Rotenberg 
Emeritus Adjunct Associate Professor: Everysmeyer 
Emeriti Professors:
 Bockus, Browder, Claflin, Johnson, Schwenk, Stuteville, and White

1712 Claflin Rd
4024 Throckmorton Hall
Fax: 785-532-5692
E-mail: plantpath@k-state.edu

Plant pathology is the study of plant diseases and their causes, effects, nature, and control. Opportunities for graduates in plant pathology include basic and applied research, development, and teaching.