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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Curriculum and Instruction

Todd Goodson, Chair

Professors: Burden, Herrera, Mercer, Murry, Spears, and Vontz
Associate Professors: Allen, Burenheide, T. Goodson, Griffin, Larson, Martinie, Staples, Stoney, Subramony, Taylor, and Yahnke
Assistant Professors: Clark, L. Goodson, Levin, Martinez, McKeeman, Perez, Porath, and Sherbert
Instructors: Alberto, Harlow, Kuhn, Myers, Thiele, Tietjen, and Wood
Emeriti: Bridges, Boyer, Brookhart, Byars, Curtis, Dalida,  Griffith, Hancock, Hawk, Heerman, K. Holen, Hortin, Kellstrom, Kurtz, Laurie, McGrath, Perl, Price, Rader,  Scharmann, Schell, Shroyer, Smith, Soldan, Stone, Sturr, Talab, Welton, Wissman, and Wright

261 Bluemont Hall
Fax: 785-532-7304

This department offers a four-year program leading to licensure in the elementary school. The studies for the bachelor’s degree include three areas: general education, professional education, and an area of concentration.

This department offers a four-year degree program leading to licensure as a secondary school teacher in one or more of the following fields: art, biology, business, chemistry, earth and space science, English, journalism, mathematics, modern languages, physical education/health, physics, speech, and social science. In addition, the department provides teaching methods courses, field experiences, and secondary education student teaching experiences to serve students in music education. The department also provides similar courses for students in agricultural education and family and consumer sciences education.

Education Programs Outside College of Education



Bachelor of Science and Teacher Licensure

Bachelor of Science in Education

Bachelor of Science-Second Teaching Fields in Secondary Education




Curriculum and Instruction

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

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